• Image of Beauty Is Her Name (Duafe)
  • Image of Beauty Is Her Name (Duafe)

This is a beautiful unique custom piece of art that you cannot find anywhere else. Both bold and serene it adds a beautiful and elegant statement to any space and its perfect for your home, office, or living space.



Black walnut is a great wood to work with, so much so that it is hard to know which characteristic to like more — its beauty or its workability. I tend to treat it (Black Walnut) more like a rare exotic lumber — saving it for accent pieces or small components in a bigger piece however this piece is one solid block of Black Walnut. I like to finish black walnut with a clear finish, and I think it looks especially good with a rubbed oil finish as opposed to chemical treatments.



"wooden comb"
symbol of beauty and cleanliness; symbols of desirable feminine qualities

The meaning of this symbol is characterized slightly differently in "The Adinkra Dictionary" and "The Values of Adinkra Symbols"; the former emphasizes more abstract qualities of feminine goodness, love and care, while the latter has a more literal interpretation, looking one's best and good hygiene. In any case, the duafe was a prized possession of the Akan woman, used to comb and plait her hair.