• Image of African Mask Series #3

A large oil painting can be a lot more than just wall art, it can be a cultural experience. Ya'qub Shabazz gives us a taste of West Africa with this, the third in a series of African Mask oil paintings. The Chokwe Mask in generations past played important roles in religious beliefs and institutional practices, many other Chokwe masks have come to be used primarily for entertainment. Itinerant actors wearing these masks travel from village to village, living on gifts received at performances.

Title: African Mask Series #3 (The Chokwe Mask)
Size: 27.75"x19.25
Condition: Excellent Brand new
Solid Black Walnut Frame
Type: Original Oil Painting on wood panel

This painting will have texture unique just to this painting, a fingerprint that can never be repeated and each brush stroke is unique and impossible to repeat. Each painting I create is one of a kind.